Summer Outdoor Cinema | Date #3

Summer is the season for outdoor cinema and with so many to choose from now, I thought best to narrow the search and give you a few tips when attending.

Rooftop Cinema

The Shadow Electric

As they like to do, kids out in the North do things a little differently. The Shadow Electric is the hipster’s version of outdoor cinema. Housed in the historic Abbotsford Convent, The Shadow Electric is a mix of beer, ping pong, food, music and cult cinema. These guys have grown out of beanbags and have a mix of op shop furniture and directors chairs to sit on while enjoying movies such as Trainspotting, The Man with the Iron Fists and Dirty Harry. Get down early for happy hour at the bar between 3pm – 6pm. What use to be dirty carni food served out of a dodgy van is now well and truly in vogue with plenty of ‘food trucks’ smattered around the convent serving tasty movie treats. So grow a moustache, wear your grandfather’s hat and get yourself down to The Shadow Electric.

Abbotsford Convent – 1 St Heliers Street Melbourne

Opel Moonlight Cinema

Firstly this cinema reeks of romance; you really can’t top the atmosphere of the Royal Botanical Gardens. More importantly preparation is the key for this one, do it properly and you can’t fail. Firstly it’s very popular so make sure to buy your tickets well in advance. Once that is secured, get down to your local market or deli and go to town on gourmet cheese, meats and dips. Almost think you are going camping, you’ll need a little chopping board, knives and napkins. Food sorted, now go grab your wine and plastic cups. May already seem more trouble than it’s worth but it’s not. Find a big bag and stuff it with pillows, blankets, rugs and anything that’s comfy and will fit into your bag. Now then, the movie will probably start at around 9:30pm and will be jammed packed by 7:30pm. Get yourself down there nice and early while the sun is still shining and grab a spot to the right side of the screen. All your preparation should pay off now as you settle back in glorious surroundings in comfort with your cheese platter, vino and pillow fortress.

Royal Botanical Gardens – Birdwood Avenue

Rooftop Cinema

Anything on a rooftop in Melbourne is now cool. These guys have been doing it for longer than anyone else and could almost claim to be pioneers of the rooftop scene. Situated way above the skyline of Melbourne’s CBD, Rooftop Cinema would have to be one of the coolest places to watch a flick. Screening cult classics such as Beverly Hills Cop, Muriel’s Wedding and Hail they have something for just about everyone. The bar will be open well before the movie at 9:30pm and will stay open well past the credits, you really can settle in for a lovely afternoon on a roof surrounded by Melbourne’s stunning city skyline. No need to bring your blanket or chair as they have all this covered. Make the night extra special and head to Cookie for dinner first and you have yourself a date to impress the pants off anyone (no pun intended).

Rooftop Cinema – 7/252 Swanston Street, Melbourne



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