South Yarra Sunday Session | Date #15

Avid readers of 50 First Dates will know I wrote a Bali special not too long ago. One place that I did not write up as every man and his dog that go to Bali already know about it was Potato Head Beach Club. As its name suggests, Potato Head is a beach club fit with an infinity pool, pool bar, day beds, amazing views of the beach and even more amazing cocktails. Well it turns out that someone here in Melbourne is attempting their own spin on Potato Head’s Beach Club and it’s all happening in South Yarra.

Stables of Como

Before we get stuck into the cocktails, you and your date will need to line your stomach with something equally delicious. I suggest a late breakfast at a lovely and fairly new cafe called The Stables of Como. Set in the historic Como Gardens use to lay a dormant horse stables. Some clever dick thought that the ladies (and men) of the affluent area needed somewhere fitting to sip their teas and eat their scones. What they did was convert the horse stables into a quaint little cafe. The clientele are a mix of pink sweater / white pant wearing men, ladies who although are wearing gym gear are far too polished to be post-workout and foodies who are looking for a cracking brunch at a picturesque location.

So grab a seat, enjoy the botanical atmosphere and get your body ready to sip cocktails all afternoon by a pool.


Now then, this summer from December 1 on Sundays the Olsen Hotel in South Yarra will be bringing you their Potato Head inspired Olsen Pool Club atop their rooftop pool terrace. Although there are no beach views, they do have a resident DJ, cocktails in coconuts and a glass bottom swimming pool. Never has Melbourne’s CBD had anything like this, so I’m sure it’ll get popular fairly quickly, however at this stage they are keeping their opening a little bit exclusive so I suggest keeping it under your hat (you’ll just need to spend a minimum of $15 to use the pool, which you’ll cover off with one cocktail).  Thankfully this Sunday will be warm so maybe just suggest to your date to pack a swimsuit and leave the rest as a surprise.

I would assume your date might be happily surprised when you arrive at a rooftop pool deck with cocktails and a DJ. Massive bonus points will be won.


The Olsen Pool Club closes at 7pm, and after a skinful of cocktails I’m assuming you will again be hungry and also looking to kick on with your date. Just around the corner is Touché Hombre’s Electrica. What use to be Claremont Tonic is now Touché Hombre, and coming from the Olsen Hotel it’s the perfect spot to continue your spectacular Sunday date. Order yourselves a jug of Sangria, make your way through the highly tasty menu of Mexican street food and put the finishing touches on what would have been a very memorable Sunday Session.

The joys of drinking on a Sunday will soon dawn on you and you will need to wrap things up or don’t and call in sick the next day. Tell your boss about your date and I’m sure they’ll understand… maybe.

  1. The Stables of Como – Como Gardens, Lechlade Ave, South Yarra
  2. The Olsen Hotel – 637-641 Chapel St, South Yarra
  3. Touché Hombre Electrica – 15 Clarement St, South Yarra

The Stables of Como on Urbanspoon
Touche Hombre Electrica on Urbanspoon


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