50 First Dates | Melbourne is a little project I’ve been procrastinating for as long as I can remember. I like to think I have my finger firmly on the pulse of Melbourne, and probably spend too much of my spare time researching and discovering new and unchartered bars, restaurants and cafes around town.

Other blogs and newsletters will give you a great review of the restaurant, tell you about the ‘aromatic broth fragrant with star anise and cinnamon’ or that the ‘chef comes from south-east Asia and was taught by Joe Blogs who was head chef at Who Cares in New York’.

50 First Dates | Melbourne will give you a quiet wine bar to have that first drink, then seamlessly move you to a restaurant nearby for a delicious dinner, after that you will discover a hidden cocktail bar down an alleyway where you’ll have to ring a door bell to be let in and finish off the night with a late night treat served along the bar as you talk drunken rubbish to the old Italian waiter.

This is not a dating how to guide, it’s a where to guide.



  1. Fantastic! My food blog has also organically become a where-to-date blog…look forward to reading more!

  2. simon heaney · · Reply

    What a great blog!!

    There is a great bar called Marquis at Johnston Street in Fitzroy that has recently opened and it is the PERFECT first date venue.

    Should definitely check it out!

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