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Dating Plan B | Date #18

Let me set you an all too familiar dating scenario. You want to go and check out the ‘it’ restaurant or cafe in town and impress the pants (pun intended) off your date. It may have a no reservations policy or you’ve left your reservation too late but you try and get a spot there […]

Walk of Shame | Date #12

Living in St Kilda I often see a girl or a guy walking the streets in what is clearly last night’s outfit and with what is clearly sex hair. There’s no hiding the fact it’s the dreaded Walk of Shame (or Pride, depending who you ask). That early morning dash from a stranger’s house in […]

Collingwood? | Date #2

Collingwood probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind when thinking of somewhere to go on a date. The area, however is quickly becoming the hipster capital of Melbourne. Luckily you don’t have to wear maroon pants and have a sleeve tattoo to go on this date; this one can be enjoyed by just […]