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Sunday Safari | Date #17

Two Sunday’s ago, I braved the extreme heat and ventured into the CBD on a Sunday afternoon (not something that I normally do). I’m in the city Monday to Friday so usually I avoid the big smoke on a Sunday. However something drew me into town that day and I reckon it made a beauty […]

Night Noodle Markets | Date #14

This time next week Melbourne will be hosting its first Night Noodle Markets on the banks of the Yarra River. It’s a little hard to promote something that I have never been to; however the thought of this event is making me very excited. It sounds like a dating Mecca of food stalls, food trucks, […]

Walk of Shame | Date #12

Living in St Kilda I often see a girl or a guy walking the streets in what is clearly last night’s outfit and with what is clearly sex hair. There’s no hiding the fact it’s the dreaded Walk of Shame (or Pride, depending who you ask). That early morning dash from a stranger’s house in […]

50 First Dates | Bali | Date #11

Winter was fast approaching and all reports were that it was going to be a freezing cold start. With this in mind I packed my bags and headed to Bali for a week. This was going to be my third trip to Bali in 16 months. Like I preach here, a little bit of research […]

A Date with Mum | Date #10

It’s not awkward to take your mother on a date, especially when it’s mother’s day. Most mums (thankfully like mine) are fairly easy to please on their day; breakfast, some flowers and you are in the good books until next year. Others though aren’t so easy to please. I could easily rattle off a number […]

Pre-Comedy-Festival-Tipple | Date #8

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival rolls into town next Wednesday (March 27, 2013) bringing with it a wealth of dating opportunities with guaranteed LOL’s. You have two options here; book ahead or grab a ticket on the night from the ticket booths on Swanston Street. Booking ahead is your safe option, and for a spontaneous […]

Tight-Ass-Tuesdays | Date #5

Tuesday night dating, easy; Tight-ass Tuesday movie night with a food court dinner and a choc top. Tried and tested by every man and his dog before you. It worked a treat when I was 15, but now this date might not get me the same result (the result was a cheeky pash in the […]