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Tinder Trials | Date #13

Since my last post, it seems the dating app Tinder has exploded onto the dating scene. If you’re a girl, I’m sure you’ve got a list of budding boys begging for a cheeky date. And if you’re a boy, I guess as all the boys do, you just flick left to every girl on Tinder […]

Walk of Shame | Date #12

Living in St Kilda I often see a girl or a guy walking the streets in what is clearly last night’s outfit and with what is clearly sex hair. There’s no hiding the fact it’s the dreaded Walk of Shame (or Pride, depending who you ask). That early morning dash from a stranger’s house in […]

Renovations, Makeovers & Newborns | Date #4

St Kilda, the town where the hookers and the homeless live alongside the wealthy and the fashionable. You’d think this would be an easy date with a choice of Acland Street cake shops, Luna Park, the Vineyard and the Espy. Well those places are so 2012. Welcome to the new St Kilda. We start the […]