Tight-Ass-Tuesdays | Date #5

Tuesday night dating, easy; Tight-ass Tuesday movie night with a food court dinner and a choc top. Tried and tested by every man and his dog before you. It worked a treat when I was 15, but now this date might not get me the same result (the result was a cheeky pash in the underground car park while we waited for our respective parents to pick us up). Here is a 50FD tight-ass Tuesday date.

laneway learning

A movie ticket on Tuesday night will cost you $12, so how about we start by putting that $12 into something a little more interesting and much more interactive. Hidden down the end of Somerset Place is The Little Mule cafe, a tiny cafe-cum-bicycle-shop or maybe it’s a bicycle-shop-cum-cafe, either way it’s a great spot for a CBD lunch and coffee. However on Tuesday nights it plays host to Laneway Learning, a very cool concept of random classes taught by random teachers. Anyone can get involved and the classes vary so much there is something for everyone. Past classes have included Interior Design, Spanish Tapas 101 and Japanese Kokedama (Japanese gardening). So start here, learn something and have a few beers as you do.

Important to remember: Check out the website and join their mailing list as classes sell out quickly. Normally classes run from 6:15pm – 7:30pm. www.lanewaylearning.com


Once you’ve learnt the craft of Origami or whatever it is that you were taught in class beforehand, keep to the laneways and walk up  Niagara Lane, it has nothing on it, but is much more interesting then Elizabeth Street. If you are lucky at the end you won’t be greeted with a line of Malaysians gawking through a restaurant window. This is normally the scene at lunchtime in front of the new food sensation, Mamak. The Malaysians are normally gawking at the chef as he folds and rolls mouth-watering roti bread in their fishbowl kitchen. Mamak has exploded onto the restaurant scene in Melbourne and hasn’t had an empty seat since it opened. Reason being, it’s fast, incredibly tasty Malaysian food served with their famous homemade roti bread and all at very reasonable prices. Don’t worry if there is a line as they pump through these meals with army precision, and the wait will be well worth it when you devour the crisply cooked golden roti dipped in Malaysian deliciousness.

Important to remember: It’s BYO, so for a truly tight ass Tuesday date, pack a bottle of plonk.


Let’s presume that after a truly unique start to the date with Laneway Learning and the impossible to fail roti bread at Mamak, you might be feeling confident enough to call a nightcap a bar close by. Just down the street and up another random laneway is Sista Bella. Granted this laneway is much more random then Somerset Place but you will see why when you visit this bar. Sista Bella is a very unique little bar with heavily tattooed staff who although look scary are very friendly. To save cash, either share a longneck or order a cocktail jug which is served with jam jars. End of a date, and I’m sorry you didn’t get your choc top but I think this cheap date kicks the ass of any tight-ass movie night.

Important to remember: They stay open late on school nights and keeping with the theme have great drink specials. It’s also down the very end on the right of Drewery Place.

  1. The Little Mule Cafe – 19 Somerset Pl
  2. Mamak – 366 Lonsdale St
  3. Sista Bella – 22 Drewery Pl

The Little Mule Cycle Co. & Cafe on Urbanspoon
Mamak on Urbanspoon


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